The Aesthetic School of Canada and Nancy Baglione

Based on the detailed financial projections prepared by the Aesthetic School of Canada, it is estimated that equity investment is required to begin the company's operations successfully. Funds will be used to produce, test and market NICS, as well as provide initial working capital for the first two years.

If you are interested in being an aesthetics dermatology practitioner, the Aesthetic School of Canada can help you do that through our comprehensive Dermatology Training Programs at The AAAMS, The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. We have a comprehensive program delivered by some of the best teachers in the business.
You do not need to be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to perform many aesthetic procedures. We will teach you how to perform many procedures including Botox, fillers and facial aesthetics. At the same time we will teach you all about practice management protocols and considerations. You can earn additional revenue from your practice and provide these lucrative additional services for your patients. The Aesthetic School of Canada will also enhance your patient’s, keeping them attractive and younger looking for a longer period of time, which gives your patients many rewarding benefits.

The Aesthetic School of Canada  is designed for registered nurses who want to collaborate with physicians to perform procedures and treatments on clients who seek elective improvement in common skin conditions or the appearance of the face and body. The Course of study involves extensive academic and laboratory experience. The student will incorporate the knowledge, skills, and procedures in comprehensive nursing care plans that include a complete health assessment, health education, and prevention of skin injury, nutrition counseling, and life style adjustments for each client
Even in our struggling economy, the demand for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures is still on a steady rise. To meet the ever-growing demand, primary care physicians are beginning the process of adding several of these cosmetic procedures to their practices’ catalog of services. For more information go to the Aesthetic School of Canada .